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Entry #31

Smurfs parody

2016-01-24 18:27:45 by vlaktemaat

Been too long since a good Smurfs parody2318858_145367803682_Naamloos-1.gif


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2016-01-25 16:13:28

Poor anotomically correct smurf...

vlaktemaat responds:

Not what you expected him to be, right?


2016-01-25 19:13:54

It's true. There's so much material there that you'd think there'd be plenty of parodies out there, but, alas, there just ain't none.

vlaktemaat responds:

Now there is though! :)


2016-01-26 06:53:09

Definitely not, I was cleverly tricked.
And you said something about think of a new smurf right?
I suggest a jolly little blue man called early birdy, he's uncanny for being early no matter the situation.
Even medical diagnosis's

vlaktemaat responds:

Good suggestion!


2016-01-27 02:58:48

gud job ur funny